Thanks to all for silent memory and nice words, with which you expressed your pain above the bereavement of loved man. Your entries you can read by click on the book.
Dan Kelly in memories

Beloved father of The Kelly Family left us on 05. 08. 2002 forever.
Please, honour his memory with one silence minute.
Thanks Jamie


Daniel Jerome Kelly

On behalf of the Kelly Family, we herewith announce that the father of the Kelly Family, Daniel Jerome Kelly, has passed away on Monday, the 5th August 2002 at the age of 71 following a long, severe illness. His sons and daugthers were with him when he died.

A memorial service will be held on 11th August 2002 at 18:00 at the Sankt Maria Himmelsfahrt church in Cologne.

Daniel Jerome Kelly will be buried in Ireland - the funeral will be attended only by the closest family members.

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Express: Heart of Kellys will never more thorb
After third apoplectic stroke papa Dan hasn't convalesced. The burial in Ireland.
(From Inge Wozelka)

    Cologne – Dan Kelly (71) lost his last fight. The head of Kelly Family died on Monday evening. His sons and daugthers were with him when he died. It is said, that he's fallen asleep peacefully and his heart simply stoped to thorb.
    Dan Kelly, with long white beard, will be buried in Ireland. There are rootlets of his predecessors. Also his friends and fans can take leave him for the last time. In next week will be held a memorial service in Cologne.
    He fought for a long time about his life. In 1990, at that time he lived on houseboat "Sean O' Kelly" in Mόlheimer haven with his children, he suffered his first apoplectic stroke. He strove about his health. He was paralysed on half-body, couldn't to speak – but he fought and convalesced.
    He held still like the head of family thread fast in handful. His motto was: "We will resist against the independence of structure of modern light industry." The next this time lighter apoplectic stroke he has in October 1999 – at 25. jubilee of existence of singing family. In park of Gymnich from 1998 you can see him with his later common-law wife at kinesiotherapy. Dan Kelly – iron fighter.
    In December 2001 he has cerebral apoplexy, he was on hospital with rehabilitation. Dan Kelly couldn't neither to turn round, or speak – this time he hasn't convalesced. His children have sworn: "We will care for him, so he cared for us." They kept one's word and took him home. They were with him, when he's gone on his last way.

Bild.T-Online: Papa Kelly has fallen asleep in quiet
"Keep on singing, Kellys!", it was his last words
(From Joseph Ley)

    He's gone to death quite in quiet. Kelly Family ("An Angel") are crying for his father and head of family, Dan Kelly. He has passed away in 72 in his bed for apoplectic stroke. His eleven children were with him when he died.
    Lapidary they sat in his bed and prayed. They have known, that he had to die now. Then as if the sun gone from the sky, Dan Kelly closed his eyes forever.
    For legendary head of Kelly Family ("An Angel") was death like rescue. For many months he could hardly to speak, sat in wheelchair and was relaint for strange help. He was 72.
    For four days and night Kelly Family guarded his bed. Even Dan's oldest daughter Caroline (40) arrived from America.
    On Monday evening at 22 o'clock wrote personal physician of Dan Kelly on death certificate like the reason of death "cerebral apoplexy". Kellys called doctor, because their father breathed still slower. It was his fifth apoplectic stroke since 1990.
    Two weeks before his death Dan Kelly fainted for three times. The personal physician of Dan Kelly told the children that their papa will never more convalesce. The son Joey Kelly (29) said yesterday to BILD: "We are endlessly sad."
    Papa Kelly is still lying in his burial bed among burning candles. He is weared in light blue night-suit. In nearest days will be the dead body move to Ireland, where will be buried in house of his family at the end of week. His children want to sing the song "Ave Maria" above the grave.
    A memorial service for their famous father will be held an 11th August 2002 at 18:00 at the Sankt Maria church in Cologne.
    At the end of 70. Dan Kelly, which had still white beard, came with his wife Barbara (†1983) to Germany. Earlier the couple sang with their children on the street. In 80. after the death of mother, "Kelly Family" stood out like Superstars. Kellys sold till this day 15 millions albums.
    Last words of Dan Kelly to his children were: "Keep on singing!"