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Info about me

         My name is Martina alias Jamie. I was born on 15th December 1977 in Frýdek-Místek (The Czech Republic). I'm from The Czech Republic - it is a small country in the middle of Europe. I have a long dark brown hair and green-brown eyes. I lived with my family (mother, father, brother) and dog (Sandy) in a small city called Vratimov over 19 years. After the basic school I became a student in a bussines academy. This school I finished by examination in 1997. Then I moved in Ostrava, when I found a flat and work. I was working as an assistant of director in a small company. Today I'm jobless.

        I'm interested in many things. I love culture and travelling. My biggest dream is to visit Egypt (executed), South Africa and Thailand. Except the culture I like primeval ages and dinosaures. Then I'm interested in books, nature, animals, working on computer (the first of all the making the webpages) and music. I like the irish music group the Kelly Family. I was a big Kelly-fan. Now I'm not so big fan, but I'm still listening to their music. But my biggest hobby is the old Egypt. I found there also my future husband. This year (in summer) we will have the wedding and then I will move to Egypt with him.


Me and The Kelly Family

        I like the Kelly Family so long, but I'm an oficial Kelly-fan since January 1997.

        I was a big Kelly-fan. Now I'm not so big fan, but I'm still listening to their music. I love all members from this family, but a big part from my heart belongs to little rebel Jimmy.

        I love their voices and beautiful songs which are full of love, pleasure but pain too. All of Kellys are so super and interesting.

        I swap (sell):    * articles
                              * pictures, posters
                              * aquas
                              * lyrics
                              * chords
                              * "live" MC's
                              * "live" VHS's
                              * photos    etc.


My Charts
The best members:
  • Jimmy
  • Joey
  • Patricia
  • John
  • Kathy
  • Paddy
  • Angelo
  • Sean
  • Maite
  • Adam
  • Barby
The best songs:
  • I Can't Help Myself (Almost Heaven)
  • Nanana (Almost Heaven)
  • By Myself But Not Alone (Best Of, vol. 2)
  • Please Don't Go (From Their Hearts)
  • Save Me In The Morning (Morning Of My Life)
The best albums:
  • From Their Hearts
  • Almost Heaven
  • Over The Hump
  • Wow
  • Live Live Live
The best videos:
  • Cross Roads 1.
  • Live In East Germany
  • Golden Harp
  • A Long Time Ago With Mom
  • Making The Videos II.
The best videoclips:
  • I Will Be Your Bride (From Their Hearts)
  • First Time (Over The Hump)
  • Nanana (Almost Heaven)
  • Oh It Hurts (From Their Hearts)
  • Roses Of Red (Over The Hump)
  • When The Boys Come Into Town (Almost Heaven)