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        - Kelly's official page: Making of the album 2003


We asked the Kelly Family how the recordings are going and this is what we found out.

Jimmy: "We finished off recording all the basic tracks (drums, bass, guitars, piano...) and after that was done, we started to work on Vocals and other overdubs. We're beginning to hear the full picture of certain songs by now, which is very exciting, but we still have a lot of work ahead of us. Everybody is working on finishing their lirycs now because we are in the phase of recording the lead vocals, so it's a bit of a joggle between recording and still writng."

Paddy: "We just finished the first complete song 'Burning Fire' last week and should have a few more done before september. I think a lot of people are going to be very surprised about the way the new songs sound, I personaly like Patricia's acoustic songs because they bring out a side of her most people haven't heard. In fact, this album is bringing out stuff from each one of us that hasn't been heard before."


The current state in the recording process of the "Album 2003".

Angelo: "We have been recording basic tracks (Instruments and some lead vocals) for the last month, and today we are working on song number 18. We first started off with the more up/rock songs before recording the softer ones. Some of them I think are going to be great live, and others maybe not, but one thing is for sure i'm haveing a lot of fun at the moment and I am very happy with the first results."

Paddy: "The new songs are starting to sound pretty exciting to me, I especially like the acoustic 'unplugged' songs where the vocal performances have lots of space to breathe. What's new this time is the fact that we're working on the lyrics togehter as well, at least more than we used to in the past and the music has the kind of 'Spirit' some of the earlier records have".


Last week the Kellys finished recording the rough demos. In the "demo phase" of the their new album they worked on over 60 songs. Now it was up to them to select them down to 25.

Jimmy: "In the last week we were listening to all of the demos we recorded over the last three month and
we had to make our decision on which 25 songs to work on which definitely was not easy. So we got together for a few days just listening and discussing about each song and try to kick out one by one."

Maite: "We never had so many songs on demos to select from on all the previous albums we've made til now at least from what I can remember. Now i'm really looking forward to record the 25 songs for real."

Angelo: "Now that we've gone through the torture of getting the songs down to 25 we're now back in studio recording our first one of them. No more fooling around now it's getting serious. We're in the next phase of recording the new album."


The Kelly Family has been working on their new album for the last two month. This time we asked Patricia and Joey to give us some insight of the actual state of the album.

Patricia: "We've been working on all kinds of new songs and ideas from each one of us. And I think that we have some exciting material for our new album. I for instance got to work on some of my songs and I enjoyed the freedom of just exploring until a song was formed by just jamming away all together. One song ended up becoming a very jazz oriented track and the last one of mine we worked on has more of an "english style" approach to it."

Joey: " At the moment we're writing more songs together as a band which we didn't do as much on our previous album "La Patata". For instance Paddy had a song which was just made of a refrain and a little piano line as a verse without any words or vocal melody. And somehow after jamming for a while I ended up rapping or talking whatever you want to call it. And before we knew it we had a finished song which we all liked. I'm very excited about the new songs we're working on and we only just got started. I think if we do this one right it could become a great album."


The family started working on their song material at the beginning of march for the new album which is planned to be released in autumn 2003.

Angelo: "We spent the first few days presenting each other our new songs and then selecting the better ones."

Paddy: "The reactions of the other band members was the way we chose the songs. Meaning if a song wasn't any good no one would be listening. But if it had something all the sudden the room became very quiet which is very seldom in my family."

Angelo: "After that first phase we finally went into studio to start the second phase of the production."

Paddy: "In this phase of making the album we're arranging the songs together as a band to then record them as a rough demo."