Girl's name of mama Barbara was Barbara Ann Suokko. She was half Finn (Vasa) and half Austrian (Tyrol). She was born on 2nd April 1946.
Barbara Ann was a beautiful ballerina and dance she would pass on to her children.
She came with Dan Kelly to Spain first as a babysitter for the 4 children but they very fast fell in love. As the first was born little Johnny Suokko, then beautiful Patricia Suokko. After the wedding in USA Barbara and both children adopt the Dan's surname Kelly. They made together a big family. At the first concerts of Kellys, when they called Kelly Kids, Barbara danced at concerts. Later was Barbara Ann a big ballet idol for Barby (named after mama Kelly).Very young Barbara starts to give birth to one child after the other.
Mama spends her days taking care of her children, she is a very quiet woman but very loving.
1981 mama Barbara gets ill in cancer. The Family goes back to Spain and cancels all concerts, because they want to be with their mother in her last months.
Paddy, which was 4 years old, remembers, that they have a picnic at the river each Sunday.
Barbara's condition is stabile and she is pregnant again. She gives birth to her last child Angelo Gabriele Kelly, but she was so sick to have a natural birth, so he came by operation.
Her last TV appearance was on video Christmas all year. She died two weeks before the video's publication. In last days were Kelly children around her bed every night. Barbara ann prepared her children on her dead. She said, that it is a part of life.
On 7th November she asked her children to sing her song, the last song.
On November 1982 blew sadness over The Family in Belascoain, their moher left for a better world. Her last words were "Keep On Singing".
A Spanish woman that attended at the funeral has said "As the casket was lowered into the ground the children screamed and cried hysterically, it was horrible, it was the worst experience in my life!!!"
They buried her up on a hill near the church and by the stones they graved the text on the grave... Barbara Kelly/10th November 1982/mother of fourteen/all with her mother/all the children of the world/.
They handpainted 14 hearts on the grave and then follows a messages from Dan "All my sufferings of my whole body to her sacrifice".
All the Kelly children wrote their names on the grave with their naked fingers.
And one of the children put on the grave the stone statue of ballerina. 

As we carried her from the church
To her place downn the hill,
We remember,
She told us to keep on singing,
No matter what.
Though we had bitter tears,
We sang this, her favourite song.
And kept on singing to at all.
There are the words of song Madre Tan Hermosa from album Keep On Singing.
Paddy: »Why did you have to die, when I was only at the age of five, so suddenly you were gone and I was left with answers hard to find... Mama, oh I miss you sometimes, mama, can you hear me when I cry for you...«