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        Daniel J. Kelly was born on 11th October 1930 in Erie/Pannsylvania (USA). He became a teacher.  There he met balletdancer Barbara Ann Suokko. And they married some years after. In 1961 came the first child - Danny. But he was afflicted. Caroline came one year after. On 6th March 1963 Kathleen Anne was born in Leominster (USA) and one year after came Paul.

        Dan moved in Spain with their family. The best music- and balletteacher lived there. The family lived in simply conditions. Their house hadn't electricity. But all of them loved this life.

        John Michael came in 1967, 8th March, in Talavera (Spain). Kellys began to made the music in this time. They sung and played on the streets. And were so happy. On 25th November 1969 came Maria Patricia and two years after came James Victor (18th February 1971). Both in Camonal (Spain). On 20th December 1972 Joseph Maria was born in Camonal (Spain) too. They were called "Kelly Kids" in this time. And it was the best time for them. On 28th April 1975 Barbara Ann came in Belascoain (Spain). She got her name after her mother.

        Dan bough a double-decker and drew with the family around all Europe. The children never go to the school. Dan was their teacher. He teaches them mathematics, physics... and more languages. They speak German, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Patricia speaks Dutch too. Every year they wrote an international test in the school.

       On 5th December 1977 Michael Patrick was born in Dublin. He is the only of the family who is born in Ireland. On 4th December 1979 Maite Star was born in Berlin (Germany). Maite is a basque name and means "Wanted baby".  Then they came back in Spain, because their mother was so hard ill. The last child was Angelo Gabrielle. He was born on 23rd December 1981 in Pamplona (Spain). Angi got his name because he looked like an angel when he was born. The mother died 7 months after. Her last words were: "Keep on singing...".

        Kathy was a mother for children. She cooked, played with them and took care about all children from the family. The family began to play on the street again. In 1988 they bought a  when they lived. Caroline and Paul left the band.

        Kellys became a famous with their CD "Over the Hump" which released in 1994.

        Kelly Family sing everything from rock, pop, folk and rock 'n' roll. Everybody has a long hair and their clothes are so different. Only Jimmy has a hairless head and Angelo and Maite have cut their hair on shoulders.

        Kathy was until recently the only one in the family who has a child. His name is Sean and was born on 14th December 1992 in Berlin (Germany). Kathy's ex-husband name's Vincent van Hille. Now is Joey a papa. His son's name is Luke Christopher. He was born on 29th June 2000 in Krefeld (Germany). The name of Joey's girlfriend and the mom of Luke is Tanja Niethen. Patricia Kelly had on 29th  August 2000 in Cologne official wedding (20th January 2001 in France - the Churchwedding). She is marry with diploma economist from Moscow Dennis Sawinkin and on 30th October 2001 she gave a birth in cologne hospital by Caesarean operation the son called Alexander Josef. Also the Ben of family Angelo Kelly is married. His wife is a daughter of SPD-politician from Rostock Kira Harms. Also he has the children. His son's name is Gabriel and was born on 3rd July 2001 in cologne hospital (Germany) and his daugther's name is Helen Josephine which gave a birth by Ceasarean operation on 5th November 2002. John is married too and he married a daughter of their guitar teacher Maite Itoiz. Their weddig was on 24th June 2001 in church in Arnoteguia, near Obanos (Spain).

        The huge shock befell the Kelly Family on 5th August 2002. Beloved father Dan Kelly left his family forever. He was buried in his Irish country on 9th August 2002.

        Today they have two castles. The first, in Ireland (Cobh), is called "East Grove" and the second, in Germany (Köln), is called "Gymnich". They are living in Gymnich now. But the some members of Kellys are living alone with their own family.

        With the Kelly Family was playing also new member some time ago. His name is Adam O' Henry and he is their cousin. Today he doesn't concert with them.

        The history around the Kelly Family is still floating. Kathy once for all left the family and the band and moved with her son Sean to her own flat in Cologne. After 30 years she found her right mother and is in contact with her. Sean is going to the primary school. East Grove in Ireland Kellys have sold yet. They want to sell also Gymnich now...

Kellys forever!!!