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      Zuzi: You are super! I like you!

      Petra: You are wonderful! I really like you! Thank you for all,
               what we spent together.

      Jana: You are my good friend. I like you so much. I don't know to say,
              what your friendship signfies for me.

      Mirka from Slovakia: I'm so glad from our friendship. Thank you for all.

      Tomáš: You are wonderful! Thank you for the concerts in first row
                 and for all, what you are doing for me. I really like you!

      Petr: Thank you so much for it, that you learnt me to make www pages.

      Klára: I'm so glad from our friendship. You are fine friend and your mother
               is fine too. You are my the best friend! 

      Eva: You are super friend. Do you know it? Thx for your friendship.

      Angel: You are super girl. I'm so glad from our friendship.