written by: Andrea Dandová (Czech Republic)
e-mail: andreadanda@hotmail.com
language: English
Direction to myself

It's very sad to me
I feel sadness all around
It's going to be difficult
I'm wandering
I'm rambling
No, I'm not dreaming now!

I'm not yet in touch
While my deepest being
I've got freedom and independence
But I've got no direction
That leads to myself!
Not yet, anyway!

It's very strange how fast
Is jumping up and down in my mind
How far must I go?
To reach myself
What's going on?
Do I really want to know?
Or is it better not to know
Gee I don't know

I'm not yet in touch...


written by: Andrea Dandová (Czech Republic)
e-mail: andreadanda@hotmail.com
language: English
Europe, my home

Quite short time ago
I wasn't sure where to go
So I went by the sea
Crossed the ocean
'Cause I wanted to see
To see and understand
That I belong to that land

Europe, my home
I can't wait to see you (again)
Europe, my home
Give me your touch, show me
It's true, because this is for you

Europe, my home
Did you know you're so beautiful?
Europe, my home
Let's have a date
Today and tomorrow as well

So I flew over the sea
And waved good-bye
To the ocean
And came back to
Feel that I belong to here
To European land

Europe, my home...

Never leave you again
If I do it's, because I want to
Talk about you and your beauty
Love you all my heart
You know I've just tried to find
I don't want to be apart


written by: Andrea Dandová (Czech Republic)
e-mail: andreadanda@hotmail.com
language: English
Happy and unhappy

I'm happy
Because I have music
I'm happy
Because I have people
Around me
I'm happy
Because I'm here
I'm happy
Because I found my friends
I'm happy
Because it's my destiny

Maybe it's my dream
Maybe it's a reality
Who knows?
I could be a liar
Maybe I talk too much

Maybe it'll come crashing down one day
And I'll be forced to say:

I'm unhappy
Because I have music
I'm unhappy
Because I have people
Around me
I'm unhappy
Because I'm here
I'm unhappy
Because I found my friends
I'm unhappy
Because it's my destiny
Maybe it's my dream...


written by: Andrea Dandová (Czech Republic)
e-mail: andreadanda@hotmail.com
language: English
Memory of you

Memory of you
It is a tear in my eyes
It's closed, it's like a prison
Around me are rails now
But I'm not behind bars
I stifle this tear inside of me
I don't want to make people cry
I feel so lonely
Times are bad and exchanged since you left me
Not your fault I know
Well, I've got a memory of you

You knew I loved you with all my heart
You were in your death agony and I was
In my life agony and there'll always be that difference
Long time ago when you were somewhere
I had just my poems, music and thinking of you
It's over. Both of us knew you'd soon die
Again, I've got a memory of you

When you couldn't stay with me I didn't
Understand, I didn't. Too young?
Your death told me everything
My heart is sad and I understand
I want to meet you again at the right time,
'Cause I've got a memory of you


written by: Andrea Dandová (Czech Republic)
e-mail: andreadanda@hotmail.com
language: English
Something from me to you

To look for questions
All the time just to ask
To object to nothing
No games to play
To stand like a wreck
Only to fall a sleep quietly
To sleep forever
Maybe to say good-bye
And to dispel tears

Again the day is grey
It's sad to see grey
Why just at this moment
This colour without blame
Which is a border between
White and black?
I'm sorry to sing this to you
But I can't be a liar tonight
My friends
I don't want to deceive

To look for...

The best sense
Is always put
Into the beauty of words
Now you see
I don't know if you see
I hope you see
I believe your eyes are opened


written by: Andrea Dandová (Czech Republic)
e-mail: andreadanda@hotmail.com
language: English
The reason is...

When I'm talking about my Dad
I'm not crying anymore I said
Remember my childhood without him
I'm telling you I wasn't a victim

The reason is I wanted to find
Joy of life and I wanted to give
A piece of this to you and to you,
To you and to you too
To you, to you and to you too

But something hurt my heart
Can't have a touch so dark, so hard
My weeping soul had nothing
Only knew my Mother is here

When I'm talking about my Dad...
(Can't let it go)


written by: Andrea Dandová (Czech Republic)
e-mail: andreadanda@hotmail.com
language: English
The view from my window

The sky is blue
The sun is yellow
The moon is brightly white
And I'm just below
I wonder over this
I never forget any piece
Of the view that I have from my window

I like the view that I have from my window
When I look through my window
I see a truth
No lies, no deceptions
I see just blue
It's changing
But I've got through
I just like the view that I have from my window

The snow is light
The rain is right
It's the same old neighbour's car
And old times are very far
But I'm not angry any more
'Cause I've found
How to live with not too many tears

I like the view that I have from my window
When I look through my window
I see a truth
No lies, no deceptions
I see just blue
It's changing
But I've got through
I just like the view that I have from my window


written by: Míša Bezemková (Czech Republic)
e-mail: MinieB@seznam.cz
language: English
At the Kelly's: Thank you!

I found you at the moment when I was down.
How to put my big thank for that I don't know.
There were so many problems so many troubles before
Suddenly you were the ones who I was so thankful for.
When I have heard your angel's voice
I had to love you, there were no choice.
Your life, your music and all your words
let sound in my heart all the chords.
You let me know how to live my life
my feelings to you I couldn't  hide.
You let me know how to love this world
I can't express my thank by word.
Suddenly there were so many colours around me,
I was feeling strange - not alone but yet so free.
Each word of your songs has opened my eyes,
I felt that without you my heart cries.
I was growing up; I became older day by day,
some situations came to learnt me to pray.
Years went on, you became older as well as me,
but your music has always been here as it used to be.
There were plenty of things that had changed in my life, too
but after that all nothing could make me to forget you.
There were plenty of things that changed my mind
and there were many people by my side.
Some people said to me: "You're probably crazy",
but I was sure, life without you would be hazy.
Your music became a part of my time
and all these feelings weren't just mine.
Your songs became to me something common,
but it doesn't mean my love to you is gone.
I maybe wasn't conscious that they helped so much to me
and the rescue of your music I maybe didn't see.
Then my boyfriend left and my friends were so far away
it seemed to me there's nobody who'd brighten up my day.
I remember now my sadness and all my fear,
on my face there tear was flowing by tear.
Then I've heard it again; a sweet magic of your song
and nothing more seemed to me to be so wrong.
I felt strong, I wanted to dance and to smile
my heart started to live again, there was no cry.
You were giving back to me all the happiness
in my soul there was no more emptiness.
You had brought into my life my best friends,
you had given to my life the right trends.
You had let me get to know many nice people in this land,
with who I can go through my life hand in hand.
You have created a new world, that is so nice,
it is really so glamour, like a paradise.
I just wish according to your dreams you could live,
for all the beautiful things and senses you give.
If there's something that hurts you day and night.
then believe everything is gonna be all right,
you've learnt me this - if I stopped to believe some years ago
I'd lose my mind, I'd lose my heart, I'd lose my ego.
If you sometimes feel down or you're ill,
then believe that our hope nobody can steal.
And this hope always gives us power to go on,
if there's a hope we have for our life the reason.
You know - life is hard but if you sometimes feel sad,
please be strong and don't let your music be dead.
And if there's sorrow in your soul and tears in your eye
I wish you to have around people who will stop your cry.
For those of you who haven't found love of your life, yet
I wish that Amor-angels soon fly around your head.
For those of you who have your own family and children,
may your life is happy with them, like in heaven.
I wish you to be fit and of good cheer
and all your beloved ones to have near.
God bless you all and have a real smile on your face,
be own because no matter what anybody else says.
Some of us sometimes make you worry,
and for them all I'm so much sorry!!!
By this way I ask you now for keep on singing,
'cause it gives us power that is never-ending.
But only if music is a credit to you and makes you happy,
if there's no pleasure in it this ask we'll repeal.
Although there are many great people in the Space,
you're by ones of them who deserve my amazing grace.
So please believe me that's true what I say
we'll be thankful if you still long time stay.
This all I've written as the biggest thank
which with all the best, I wanted to send.


written by: Míša Bezemková (Czech Republic)
e-mail: MinieB@seznam.cz
language: Czech
Máte mé srdce

Miluju je, miluju jejich krásné oči,
co je mi do ostatních, kteří nemají je rádi.
Vím, jen jedno - budou v mém srdci, a to navždy.
Pro ně je v něm místa dost,
pro jejich lásku, pláč i pro radost.
Bráním je tehdy, když nemohou se bránit sami.
Budou tu navždy mezi námi.
Vím, že nás, co je milujeme, je a pořád bude hodně,
nás, co bychom udělali všechno pro ně.
Jsou jako nejvzácnější poklad a jednoduše jiní,
mohli by jim závidět ti, co je nenávidí.
Maj srdce na dlani, rozdávaj lásku,
miluju zpěv jejich andělských hlásků.
Naučili mě žít a život znát,
že není důležité brát, ale lásku a štěstí rozdávat.
Naučili mě svět chápat,
už v něm nemusím dál tápat.
Vím, že na světě je spousta stejných lidí,
díky nim vidím, co jiní nevidí.
Naučili mě, že všichni mají právo na život stejný,
ať jsou odkudkoliv, ať jejich pleť má nádech světlý nebo černý.
Oni zažili mnohem víc, než kdokoliv si může představit.
Prožili smutek, křivdu i žal,
ale i radost, štěstí a pocit, že je někdy někdo miloval.
A tenhle pocit musí navždy mít,
my jim ho dokážeme, stačí jen snaha a trochu chtít.
Stačí jen drobnost, úsměv, malý kvítek,
co jejich tváře rozjasní.
Nestačí říct jim jen miluji tě,
chce to důkaz, který je přesvědčí.
Ale jen důkaz opravdové lásky,
ne takový, který je ničí a přidělává vrásky.
Přeji jim život s opravdovou láskou a samé štěstí,
ať si ti, co jim to nepřejí klidně běsní.
Buďte pořád šťastně spolu
a sedejte, jak jen to půjde, k jednomu stolu,
protože jenom spolu jste tak silní
a dáváte nám pocit naší druhé rodiny.
A tak vám, Kellys, přeji jen,
abyste se do světa dívali radostným pohledem.
Ať vám v oku jiskřičky září,
vždyť my vás máme strašně moc rádi.
Ať jsou na vašich tvářích jen samé šťastné úsměvy k vidění,
to pro nás bude to nejsladší odměnění.
Ať už nikdy víc nepoznáte zradu, nenávist a bol v srdci,
ať už nežijete, jak smutní ptáci uvěznění v kleci.
Ať jste svobodní a volní,
ať můžete jít tam, kam sami byste chtěli.
Ať najdete někoho, kdo vás bude opravdu milovat
a ne jenom lásku pro slávu a peníze slibovat.
Asi vám nikdy nebudeme moci vrátit to,
co každý z vás dal někdy nám,
ale budeme se snažit, to vám přísahám.
Jen podle svých představ žijte život svůj,
držte se svých nejtajnějších snů, stůj, co stůj !!!


written by: Míša Bezemková (Czech Republic)
e-mail: MinieB@seznam.cz
language: Czech
Z nebe sestoupili k nám

Tak najednou vstoupili do mého života
a já v nich uviděla anděly.
Z nebe sestoupili do jiného světa,
kde člověk nikde nenávist ani smutek nevidí.
Vstoupili mi do srdce
a já uzamkla je uvnitř.
V tu chvíli jsem chtěla nejvíce,
aby ho nikdy neopustili, a to za nic.
Andílci zpívali, zpívali o lásce,
oči jim zářily jako plamínky svíček.
Jejich život byl ale každý den v sázce,
k jejich srdcím půjčili nám zlatý klíček.
Proč jsme toho jen zneužili,
když prokázali nám takovou důvěru?
Proč dáváme jim za to jen hysterii,
proč se s nimi tak často dostáváme do sporu?
Chtějí žít ve světě svých vlastních snů,
tak splňme jim to jejich velké přání.
Aby poznali štěstí, bez všech těch dnů,
kdy křik a ječení se nad nimi sklání.
Chtěla bych pořád vidět úsměv v jejich tváři,
ten opravdový, co dává nám sílu jít dál.
Když na jevišti zpívají a oči jim radostí září.
Nechci, aby každý z nich ten úsměv jenom hrál.
Chceme být co nejblíž, bez ohledu na ostatní,
přehlížíme slzy, co za úsměv skrývají.
Dávají nám lásku a štěstí, zatímco tiše v přítmí
trpí a slzu za slzou si z tváří stírají.
Okradli jsme je tím nejhroznějším způsobem,
vzali jsme jim to, co dělá člověka člověkem.
Nechci, aby nám už nevěřili, když řekneme, že je milujem',
nechci, aby nás potkávali na ulicích se strachem.
Vraťme jim sebevědomí a volnost,
aby mohli dál hrát a zpívat o lásce celému světu.
Dřív měli mnohem víc, i když v srdci chovali skromnost,
mohli jít kamkoliv, mohli říct jakoukoli větu.
Ať už míjeli kohokoli, nemuseli se ho bát,
zase bychom je mohli potkat jako ostatní lidi na ulici.
Radost rozdávali by ostatním, neměli by strach se smát.
Nenechme naši nepříčetnost přerůst přes hranici.
Prosím vás, nenechme vítr,
aby sfoukl poslední plamínek naděje.
Určitě stojí za to, že se každý z nich zase bez přetvářky zasměje.
Místo křiku dejme jim láskyplný úsměv,
podíváme se z jiného pohledu na jejich úspěch.
Místo hysterie dejme jim svoje srdce
a oni ho zaplní láskou a štěstím.
Pomozme jim, jde to přece lehce,
budou zase veselí, jako předtím.
Nabídněme jim ruku pomocnou,
vždyť my jsme ti, co jim tolik ublížili.
Uzdravíme tak jejich duši nemocnou,
oni by nás nikdy takhle neponížili.
Přesvědčme je o našich citech dokud je čas,
dokažme jim, že pořád miluje je každý z nás.